Let’s do the Time Warp Again!

Tim Curry, Meatloaf. Need I say more?

Like many shows, I fell in love with this weird piece of theater between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. I’ve never attended a midnight showing (bucket list!), but I have seen a staged production that did include some of the audience shout outs.

My first time watching the movie was with my high school boyfriend in his basement, so we could prep ourselves before we saw the stage show at one of the local theaters.

Side bar, the stage show is probably not appropriate for anyone in any mental capacity, and I’m pretty sure that show is the reason I’m more disturbed than I used to be.

My favorite memory from that day was when his mother, Janet, who didn’t know what we were watching, came downstairs to check on us. Because it’s Rocky and we had just watched the first few songs of the movie – I responded to her presence with “Dammit Janet!” And….I didn’t even get in trouble. Props and cool mom points to her.

All of the songs from this cult classic are brilliant and messed up in their own way, which made choosing three very difficult. But, because he’s Tim Curry and the man looks amazing in drag (seriously, didn’t know I would ever be into that, but I totally am), I picked “Sweet Transvestite” to kick things off.

“Let me show you around. Maybe play you a sound. You look like you’re both pretty groovy.”

Have you recovered from that tantalizing hip action? I haven’t. But let’s move on to a character I wish we got more of, mostly because he is played by Meatloaf, and who doesn’t love Meatloaf?

There’s a great story that he tells about his first experience with the original production, and how he almost didn’t do it when Tim came into the rehearsal in drag. From the world, thank you Meatloaf for continuing on and treating us to a wonderful rock song and motorcycle riding indoors.

Side bar, there’s a golden story about that whole sequence as well, so look it up when you have a chance.

“Hot Patootie” is one of those songs I find myself humming randomly. It has such a classic rock n roll feel, and I really do love that Rock and Roll, especially with Meatloaf as Eddie.

Confession, until I actually read the lyrics, I didn’t realize how sexual this song was. I’m not even upset about it. Oh bless my soul, I am so very much in love with Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“I used to go for a ride with a chick who’d go. And listen to the music on the radio
A saxophone was blowing on a rock and roll show. We climbed in the back seat, really had a good time.”

Finally, we have to get to the best song of the production – “The Time Warp.” This song was one of my jams in college, and my only wedding day regret is that we didn’t dance to it during the reception.

There aren’t many full-on musical theater dance numbers that normal people can dance to, the Hand Jive from Grease may the exception (not the new one, the original. I can’t figure out the new one for the life of me).

Hell, this even gives you instructions!

“It’s just a jump to the left. And then a step to the right. With your hands on your hips. You bring your knees in tight. But it’s the pelvic thrust. That really drives you insane.”

To close this out – you may notice there was no mention of the FOX production of 2016. And it should stay that way.

Don’t watch it.

Don’t listen to it.

Don’t speak of it.

It is the remake that should not be named.


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