It’s funny how getting older makes you more sentimental on days like these.

You appreciate the people in your life more, especially as you meet more people who come from different walks of life with different backgrounds. You learn to be more grateful for the people stuck by you, and took the time to invest in you as you grew up.

To celebrate the amazing men that give their hearts and their energy to kids everywhere, regardless of their age, I selected a few songs to highlight from the Father’s Day Spotify playlist.

To Break In A Glove – Dear Evan Hansen 

OK, this should be no surprise that I picked a DEH song. But, from the first time I heard it, I was reminded of the relationship my husband has with my father. Evan’s line at the end where he says that “Conner was lucky to have a Dad that cared so much about taking care of stuff” melts my heart.

Something I learned from my father, and both of my grandfathers, is that hard work pays off. And the road will not be easy, there will be sacrifices to be made. There will be a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but if you put in the time, and believe in yourself, you will get where you are trying to go.

“Every second that you spend is gonna pay off. It’ll pay off in the end. It just takes a little patience. It takes a little time. A little perseverance. And a little uphill climb. You might not think it’s worth it. You might begin to doubt. But you can’t take any shortcuts. You gotta stick it out.

And it’s the hard way. But it’s the right way.”

Hey Kid – If/Then 

This is another one of those songs that makes me say “awe!” It’s one of the more honest interpretations of early fatherhood. Raising a tiny human is a huge responsibility, and regardless of what you think it’s going to be, until the moment actually arrives, and you can take in what has happened, you don’t really know what to think or how to react.

I love the message that, regardless of anything the world will throw at us, we’re going to find a way to get through it. I know parenting me wasn’t easy, and having my mom and dad stand by me through my mistakes has meant everything.

“And I realize in an instance. That I’ve known you all along. That I’ve wanted you forever. That I’ll never do you wrong. And whatever this world comes to. And whatever comes our way, 

I will watch you. And protect you. I promise kid, we’ll be ok.”

Dear Theodosia – Hamilton 

I remember listening to an interview with Renee Elise Goldsberry where she talked about hearing Lin’s lyrics and wondering how he could write about parenthood so honestly before he was a father.

In today’s world, where hatred spills out from every corner and it’s impossible to escape the negativity unless you live under a rock, these lyrics really speak to me. I want a world for my eventual children that isn’t like this one.

Maybe I was only naive as a child, but it seems to me that things are intensifying. And nothing will get better unless we start creating a world where we stop looking for the things that divide us and start laying a foundation of unity.

“You will come of age with our young nation. We’ll bleed and fight for you, we’ll make it right for you. If we lay a strong enough foundation. We’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you.”

I had to add an honorable mention, because this song missing from the playlist (I forgive you,

Fighting Dragons – Big Fish 

I featured this song during Musical MAYhem, but it bears repeating. As far as songs about fathers that are just trying to be loved and respected by their sons, this song fits the bill. And, Norbert Leo Butz.

“Out there on the road I pray you’ll come to my one day, And say, ‘Let’s fight the dragons and then storm the castles ’til we win what needs to be won.’ So when I’m old and tired, you’ll do the job required. You’ll be there telling stories to your son”



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